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If you wanna go on a electro trip, sail away in a Pop/Rock boat to travel the world, you should meet Reaven.
4 strong identities, 4 guys who met along the way leading to a glam-pop universe colored with a provocative electro touch. Play at the best casino with us on casino bonus ohne einzahlung neu. Bonus for the first 100 people!

Reaven is the story of 4 friends who started making music together in the school playground. They grew up together, they scoured bars, festivals, clubs in France and abroad.

Their new album “Unbreakable” is the reflection of their background and their friendship. They will continue to spread their sounds beyond our borders. Dive into their world and embark with them ! What are you still waiting for, go immediately to pokies online now is the time to start playing and winning!


  • Romeo Bassi

    Lead singer, Guitar

  • Avril Brendel

    Keyboard, Backup vocals

  • Vince Fernandes

    Drums, Backup vocals

  • Gabs Doren

    Bass guitar, Backup vocals


The story begins when two guys crossed the same path. While playing and singing in a bar, Romeo left the scene and ended the night in a place known for its jam sessions. After a few beers, guitar in hand, he realized that he knew the drummer, but from where …

Unable to recognize him, they were nevertheless friends in their hometown’s school years ago, and fought for a girl who caused this distance, before indifference. After 2 hours of improvisation, challenging each other on different songs, the chemistry was perfect, they were on the same page. That’s how Vince met Romeo… again. They decided to hang out until the end of the night. And weeks after, they tried again and again to play together until Rom asked Vince after a concert: “What if we were creating a band? “. Both knew some musicians. They needed a keyboard and a bass player to complete the team. They wanted to make a band capable of mixing different styles of music, no boundaries, no restrictions. Romeo knew a bassist, almost like a brother, they knew each other since their birth. He was playing in another band, Romeo talked about the project to convince him. As soon as it was done, Gab joined this new musical adventure.

Rom, Gab and Vince, purely at ease in pop music needed a guy who might have a different touch. Rom thought of a keyboard player he knew from their city, coming from the same school. He said to them: “This boy plays on keyboards as if it was a machine with organic vibrations.” Intrigued by the meaning of his words, they went to one of the concerts of this individual. Once out of the stage, Rom introduced him to the others, but when the band began to talk about their common project, he simply replied “Being in a Pop Electro band, not sure it’s my ideal.” At this moment, Romeo knew that he had to convince him with his words. Then he said, “Okay, here’s what we’re gonna do: You come to the studio with us, try some songs, and you’ll see if you like it?” The next day, they brought him to the studio, they started to play their new song “Stand Up” and asked him to follow them in their own electronic style. At the end of the song, he turned around and said, “I guess you’ll have to give me the tracklist.” They found their keyboard player, Avril. With the release of their first track “Stand Up”, Reaven presents its own style, a mix of musical encounters and origins of its 4 creators.



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